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Never be afraid to up grade technology

For quite a few modest business proprietors like me, the final two years have been complete of hurdles — from navigating the COVID-19 pandemic to reduce demand for the merchandise and expert services we do the job so hard to provide.

And to increase to the monetary hardship, one particular year in the past my business almost misplaced all the things.

On Dec.12, 2020, the North Nation-based bakery and headquarters of my pretzel business enterprise burned down in a hearth. Martin’s Handmade Pretzels has been in my household for four generations, and when I woke up to see flames bordering the creating, I feared for what this would mean for our long term.

I am very pleased to say that just 1 12 months afterwards, my pretzel small business is not only again, but thriving. We continue on to market pretzels nationwide and across New York — from farmer’s marketplaces in Syracuse, Watertown, and Old Forge to New York City Greenmarkets. We also a short while ago reopened our new bakery — in Moira, northern Franklin County — to the community.

There are two factors why my compact enterprise was capable to rebound while lots of some others all-around me have not been as lucky: the assistance of my group and my willingness to embrace innovative technology.

1st and foremost, for little businesses like mine, a foundation of loyal customers is necessary. Due to the fact we do not have the means of much larger corporations, we generally rely on word of mouth and social media to draw in new buyers. We are also lucky to have devoted clients who have been feeding on Martin’s Handmade Pretzels for a long time and are extremely supportive.