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Is Shopify Safe? How Secure Is The Shopify eCommerce Platform?

This review focuses on the security of online store user data and also provides a constructive answer to the following question: Is Shopify secure?

The reliability of online store, as well as the security of transactions, is the key to stable sales, trusting relationships between the company and the buyer, as well as preventing financial losses for your business.

In the field of online sales, there are two main requirements for user and bank data:

  1. The buyer must feel secure from the moment they enter their credit card details until the moment they receive the goods;
  2. 2. The seller must be sure that the sale is carried out by an adequate solvent person who makes the purchase knowingly.

Is Shopify safe?

Of course, every day there is an exchange of information between sellers and buyers. All this takes place on a wide variety of online store e-commerce platforms. Hence, many users who shop are wondering if Shopify is safe today.

Shopify is a definite e-commerce platform today. First of all, such a platform plays an important role in the life of small and medium-sized business owners. At the moment, not all users can afford to spend a large part of their budget on field service. As a result, Shopify development company has created a fantastic alternative to good and stable secure payments. Consequently, we now have automated mechanisms that can track how secure the data is and thus perform various payment transfers. Shopify store security system.

How secure is Shopify payment?

The Shopify Security issue affects two groups of stakeholders: online store buyers and owners. It is critical to include both of these categories. This will not work if only one of them has a solution. According to some, the level of security of your online store is determined by the tariff plan. This is a false belief: regardless of your tariff, you will have the same high level of security.

Absolutely all plans, from $29-$30 a month to the most expensive, have the same security standards. This way, to keep your store secure, you don’t have to install a smart app, spend time configuring server settings, manually install SSL certificates, or call the FBI team to help you secure your store. You need to remember only one nuance you use the Plus plan.

Without any doubt, if you apply this kind of tariff, there is every chance of having very good security. Therefore, it is able to provide sufficiently fast processing of a large amount of information. The server is very durable, as it is able to withstand a very large number of visits, and sometimes users are able to make such visits at the same time.

PCI Compliance – today provides a standard for data security. Basically, it can be used for the payment card industry. In turn, it was developed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. It is also installed by international payment systems such as Visa, and MasterCard. Today it is highly valued because without this standard it is impossible to imagine modern e-commerce.

Shopify is PCI DSS Level 1 certified. First of all, this means that stores have data encryption. Also highly appreciated is the fact that such a system has good security for Shopify payment transfers. An important point is the presence of a risk analysis tool as well as continuous security monitoring. Thus, when the buyer provides his card details, they are protected enough.

SSL certificate

Also highly appreciated in every Shopify store is the presence of a free 256-bit SSL certificate. This is done primarily to ensure that data protection is at the highest level today. This is 256-bit encryption. This cipher is one of the best today. Such a cipher can include 78 combinations.

Server fault tolerance

Platform specialists work around the clock to provide good and timely support in matters of interest.

So, is Shopify a secure platform for customers? Is shopping on Shopify safe? The answer is obvious. Without a doubt, customer sales as well as platform reputation can depend directly on how secure Shopify is. So the developers stick to it. Therefore, if there is a need to keep your online store data safe and avoid situations where your data suddenly disappears, the Shopify platform is the best solution today.

This article was written by Oliva Miller