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Best Places to Work: Edafio Technology Partners | Arkansas Business News

Best Places to Work: Edafio Technology Partners | Arkansas Business News

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As the leading, Arkansas-based IT management provider and technology consulting firm, Edafio Technology Partners serves clients across multiple industries. Since 1999, the company has helped organizations in selecting, implementing and optimizing world-class IT consulting and management, cybersecurity, health care consulting and cloud computing solutions from offices in central and northwest Arkansas.

Edafio is the fastest-growing and largest independent firm of its type. Although its technology expertise and capabilities can be highly complex, its mission and values are expressed in human terms: commitment to clients’ success, unquestionable integrity, and a one-team approach with humility and respect.

Edafio is one of the rare businesses that lives and breathes its core values, which have proven beneficial to both clients and colleagues. People trust the company and its leadership and give their all on behalf of the firm and its clients. This has been responsible for the firm’s growth and ability to attract, motivate and retain the highest quality talent in a highly competitive field.

Among the tangible expressions of Edafio’s commitment to its people are profit-sharing contributions to its 401(k), quarterly bonuses that reflect individual and company performance goals, ongoing leadership and technical training and development, regular roundtables and transparency and opportunities to provide input on company improvements.

The company emphasizes the whole person with cycling and walking groups that take advantage of the office’s proximity to trails and nature preserves. Spouses and significant others are invited to company parties and celebrations, and an associate spotlight each month is designed to help teammates know each other as people and professionals.

Edafio is enthusiastic about team outings like bowling, Top Golf, escape rooms, paint parties, new hire lunches and happy hours.


Edafio Technology Partners opened its Rogers office in 2014 and added its third location, in Conway, in 2016.

Edafio Technology Partners implemented a quarterly diversity training program to foster a more open, welcoming culture and raised employee awareness of the importance of working together with people from different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. Sessions include diversity speakers, training courses addressing unconscious bias, behaviors and language and microlearning with shared definitions and common goals.

Edafio Technology Partners’ Highlight the New Hires campaign is a chance for employees to learn more about their co-workers in an interview-style article on their blog and social sites. Newcomers receive a curated welcome package of goodies and notes from their team leader.

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