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19 Ways To Elevate Your Email Marketing Strategy For Maximum Impact

While email marketing remains a powerful tool for businesses seeking to connect with their target audience and drive conversions, simply sending out generic emails is no longer sufficient. To enhance an email marketing strategy and ensure your message cuts through the clutter to grab recipients’ attention, there are several proven techniques that can be employed.

Below, 19 Forbes Business Development Council members offer strategies to consider and why these tactics work. Explore their potential to elevate your email marketing efforts to new heights. From crafting compelling subject lines and personalizing content to segmenting subscribers and leveraging automation, these strategies work by engaging recipients, fostering meaningful connections and ultimately driving conversions.

1. Focus On Effective Messaging Practices

We’ve focused on targeted, data-backed messaging over firing the spam cannon. For our ABM campaigns, we incorporate financial performance data, business pain and the recipient’s strategic priorities to frame the solutions we deliver. By centering outreach around the recipients’ real performance in the market, we’re able to build strategic connections and reach executive buyers. – Anand Shah, Databook

2. Build Familiarity Through Consistent Messaging

Message consistency is a key element that most email marketing strategies tend to overlook. Your audience is getting bombarded by your competition and familiarity with the content flow anchors in the reader’s mind to take action. It goes without saying that you would like the audience to transition towards a buying action so familiarity subconsciously routes to that direction. – Mustansir Paliwala, EQUANS

3. Learn Your Customers’ Language

For us, the most significant impact on client outreach, including emails and cold calls, has been our dedication to finding and using our customers’ language. Simply discussing customer pain points and opportunities is not sufficient. People choose what is familiar to them, not necessarily what is objectively the best. – Slava Gavrylchenko, Ecto Inc.

4. Keep It Simple

For our architectural firm, our email marketing strategy is limited to an introductory email with a request for a meeting. Potential clients can see our portfolio and understand better if they wish to proceed further with the arrangement of a meeting. – Dimitris Tsingelidis, SSH

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5. Consider The Sales Funnel

Speaking of B2B email marketing, the key is to provide value to the readers, keeping in mind their status in the sales funnel. We’ve seen deal closing rates increase (x2) simply by supporting the sales pipeline with the proper email marketing in the background. – Roman Viliavin, MetaDialog

6. Leverage The Power Of AI

Utilize customer data to personalize content, optimize campaigns with AI analysis, automate tasks, gain predictive insights and enhance customer interactions with AI chatbots. Embracing AI will propel your email marketing success to new heights. – Naimeesha Murthy, Products By Women

7. Personalize Your Messages

The ease of email is a double-edged sword. Easy to send, hard to get noticed given the slew of emails a prospect receives each day. Start with research. Learn about the prospect and their business. What is going on in their industry? What challenges might they be facing? Then, send a personalized note with some useful insights. Open the door to dialogue by offering your expertise. – Vincent Burruano, Vince Burruano Consulting Services, LLC

8. Incorporate A CTA

Our email marketing strategy is successful because we provide personalized, valuable content that resonates with our audience. We use a low-risk CTA to encourage action and maintain consistency in our campaigns. Our robust tech stack allows us to segment our audience and achieve high open rates of 35% on bulk emails and about 75% on low-volume emails. – Kuldeep Bhatnagar, Fusion Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

9. Optimize Subject Lines For Mobile

To enhance our email marketing strategy, we’re increasingly personalizing content based on customer behavior and preferences, which enhances relevance and engagement. We’re also optimizing subject lines and content for mobile, as most emails are read on smartphones. This strategy increases open rates and conversions by delivering value to each recipient in a personalized, accessible manner. – James Mull, htmull

10. Find The Right Recipients

There isn’t a magic bullet for email marketing, but building a strong list of relevant people is the start. Once you have the right people on your list, the next step is to use tools like ChatGPT to make short, concise messages. One item I like is personalizing the subject line, so the email stands out. Try to be personal and catchy. Allow your personality to flair your way into a meeting. – David Strausser, SEIDOR USA

11. Ensure Emails Look Uniform

Email marketing helps build and sustain your customer base, as well as nurture leads. We enlist best practices like keeping the email design and branding uniform, having a clear call to action, using relevant hyperlinks and using free, informative resources for lead nurture. When you layer these tactics with automation tech and data-driven personalization, emails can be a very powerful tool. – Frederic Dominioni, Solonis

12. Send Shorter Messages

We have reduced nearly every email to a singular message, displayed within the immediate view the client chooses to receive the email on (mobile or desktop)—no scrolling. All of the usual elements like hook, product and takeaway are still there. The singular focus is also teaching us more about our client’s habits through their engagement with the email, allowing us more scope for personalization. – Peter Schravemade, REACH ASEA

13. Get Creative With The Subject Line

We’ve found that it’s all about the subject line! People are bombarded by emails and will quickly “trash” your message if they’re not captivated by the title. To enhance our email marketing strategy, we test different email subject lines to optimize performance, use words that create a sense of urgency or curiosity, personalize where we can and add in offers. – Bryce Welker, Crush The LSAT

14. Improve Activation Sequences

We are upgrading our activation sequences to qualify sales-ready leads faster. Moving marketing-qualified leads to sales-qualified leads quickly is a crucial metric of success for us. We are A/B testing different offers, segmentation and timing to improve our conversion rates. This strategy works well because we get warmer leads in the hands of the sales team, and we do it faster than ever before. – David Mattson, Sandler

15. Regularly Review Data

Our email strategy hinges on personalization and data analysis. Tailoring content to customer segments has boosted engagement and nurtured relationships. Regular metric tracking allows campaign optimization, resulting in a responsive strategy that respects customer interests and preferences. This targeted, analytical approach is driving our success. – Tomer Warschauer Nuni, Pink Moon Studio Ltd

16. Incorporate Engaging Elements

People are swamped with emails, so you have to make them stand out. Our team adds engaging elements into different segments. So, instead of just static content, we use videos, conduct surveys and feature team members beyond the work so people can get to know the people behind the scenes. By doing so, we differentiate ourselves, increase click-through rates and build stronger relationships. – Wayne Elsey, The Funds2Orgs Group

17. Take A Multi-Channel Approach

Our strategy uses personalized email marketing with simultaneous LinkedIn outreach for a multi-channel approach. This dual-channel tactic enhances visibility and engagement, offering multiple touchpoints with prospects. Tailored content on both platforms amplifies the message and drives responses. This coordinated approach optimizes engagement and response rates. – Michael Fritsch, UST Xpanxion

18. Be Real

Have an authentic voice and share real stories. Email marketing messages with a distinct “voice” give you an edge. I open very few emails where I can hear the sender’s personality come through, along with sharing value-added content for the reader. – Julie Thomas, ValueSelling Associates

19. Provide Content Of Value

Ensure that the content you share in your email campaigns provides substantial value to your recipients. To validate your assumptions and gauge the level of attention your content attracts from clients, organize a focus group. This group can provide valuable feedback on the effectiveness and relevance of your email campaign content. – Gregory Lipich, InfoSec Global